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SATLINK WS-6936 DVB-S & DVB-T Combo Meter with Spectrum!! Satlink 6936

SATLINK WS-6936 DVB-S & DVB-T Combo Meter with Spectrum!! Satlink 6936

Satlink WS-6936 DVB-S&T Combo Instrument with Spectrum Analyzer


Now with dBm, dBmV or dBµV measurements in DVB-S+T

Satlink WS-6936 DVB-S&T is an simple Messcomputer for DVB-S+T

Satlink WS-6936 DVB-S&T has a built in TFT LC Display with 3,5" / 8,9cm

Satlink WS-6936 DVB-S&T is excellent for DVB-S+T antenna Installitions

Satlink WS-6936 DVB-S&T can also use as a DVB-S+T Receiver on a TV

Satlink WS-6936 DVB-S&T work with files from USB-stick (Format JPG + MP3)


Satlink Satlink WS-6936 DVB-S&T can be connected as a standard receiver to a TV. In addition, the device has an AV input. At this, other playback devices or AV surveillance cameras to be connected!

Display of photos stored in JPG format and play MP3 files from your own USB drive!


With the PC software "CTK-DB tool" you can edit the transponder / satellite list.

Satellite & Add Remove
Transponder Add / Remove
The final lists will be using a USB - memory stick to transfer to the meter.

For the first time in a economical digital meter, you are now able to view the actual channel on the screen of the meter. Now you can quickly and accurately align the satellite AND you can instantly check the stability of the channel right on the screen of the meter. Transponders, Frequency, Symbol Rate, Polarity, and other settings can be modified by the user. There is never a need to send your meter in for a upgrade.

Meter never needs to be returned for re-calibration due to the unique calibration system built in to the meter. Each time the meter boots up it automatically calibrates for optimum performance so you can align each install with confidence.


COFDM Demodulated
Frequency range:46-870MHz
Spectrum Analyzer
Level range:40-110dBuV
Input Resistance:75ohm
Test: BER, C/N, FEC Signal Quality and Strength
Multi-Channel Simultaneous Measurement
Auto Full Frequency Scan
Auto scan of frequency selected
Power supply at RFIN:5V/15V/24V*(100mA)

Input Frequency range:950-2150MHz
Spectrum Analyzer
Input Level:-65dbm-25dbm
Input Resistance:75ohm
Symbol rate:2Msps-45Msps
Test: BER, C/N, FEC Signal Quality and Strength
Auto search: NIT Search ,Manul Search
DisEqC,22K Supported
LNB power supply :H + 18V + 13V 400mA

8 menu languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Greek
8.4V/3000mAH POWER Lion battery for real long working-time
4,4" / 11cm Color LCD 16:9
Keypad with blue Backlight
Flashlight function (push F1 button for 3 sec)
Power adapter input: AC 90V-240V/50Hz
Power adapter output: DC 12V/1.5A
Working time:4-6 hours (full charge)
Charging time: 5 hours from flat
Car charger supplied
Dimension: 210 X 120 X 45mm
Net weight: 0,5kg

SATLINK WS-6936 DVB-S & DVB-T Combo Meter with Spectrum!! Satlink 6936

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