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Photosensitive Seal Machine  can make all kinds of photosensitive seals, portrait  seals, business card seals, cartoon seals, and it can widely used in seals  industry, portrait seals shop, tourism places, photocopy shops.

It can make all kinds of Photosensitive Seals. For example business seals, portrait seals, pattern seals,

cartoon seals, characters seals, Logo seals and so on,

It With 18 PCS quality capacitors and 3 exposure tubes, good exposure effect and clear seal

The drawer type photosensitive seal holder is convenient

Built-in voltage stabilizer

The magnetic  levitation bearing cooling fan is  with very little noise.

No need to watch, auto Power -Off in 5 minutes , safe

With touch key and  two LED display screen.

Paint  stainless steel shell

Note:The machine is the same.The upgrade version is full alloy jig, standard edition version is ordinary jig,


Reasonable design. Light in weight.  Smooth action.

Exposure area: 110?70 mm

Stamping area: 100x65 mm

Exposure Lamps: 3 PCS (length:150mm)

Canpacity: 18PCS

Exposure Emergy: 3800J

Exposure Frequency: More than 20 thousands

Exposure life: 8 Years

Voltage  110V, 220V

Machine Size: 350 ? 150 ? 180 mm (L? W? H)

Weight:  17.6Lb (8kg)


1PCS Photosensitive seal Machine

10PCS Exposure films

10PCS sulphate paper

1PCS 40mm round seal shell

4PCS 40mm round photosensitive mat

1PCS CD (with Install video in it )

1PCS English manual


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